The function of the LEADER Early Steamer Emission (E.S.E.) lightning conductor is to be the preferred and obligatory lightning strike point for the entire area it protects.

To create such a strike point the LEADER® lightning conductors exploit the electromagnetic disturbances produced by the approaching down leaders before the atmospheric discharge, in order to produce up leaders that are faster, steadier and more powerful than the ones in the protected area.

The LEADER lightning conductor uses its tip and entire metal casing to capture these disturbances. The disturbances are greatly amplified by a device based on the increase in electrical fields between opposite components and highly inductive systems that regulate electrical disturbances, and enables the LEADER ESE lightning conductor to produce faster, more powerful and more regular leaders than all the other leaders in its vicinity.

The LEADER E.S.E. range of lightning conductors is the result of several years’ research, laboratory testing in accordance with standard NF C 17-102 and in situ testing. The results validated by scientists at the High Voltage Laboratory have allowed a range of lightning conductors to be developed that meet the most demanding quality and performance criteria:
* An E.S.E. lightning conductor with optimal operation for both positive and negative discharges that does not require an external contribution such as a power supply, wind, light, etc. and time to "reload" itself between two impacts,
* A lightning conductor resistant to the most powerful discharges without its performances being altered thanks to its metal outside casing and the nature of its ionising device,
* A significant delta T (165 µs defined in accordance with the NF C 17-102 standard),
* The possibility of system testing wire information transfer to allow easy inspection without removing the lightning conductor.

All these qualities make the LEADER® lightning conductor a pioneer in the lightning protection field.

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