Delta Technology is highly specialized in the lightning protection system and earthing systems fields. Its managerial team is made up of executives with extensive experience in the fields of lightning protection, Low Voltage and Very Low Voltage networks and grounding network design, as well as new information technologies.

Delta technology offers its innovative products to over 20 exclusive distributors throughout the world, providing them with full technical, commercial and strategic support. From its head office, Delta Technology also coordinates a European network of installing companies.

Thanks to its know-how and specialisation in lightning protection and earthing systems, Delta Technology offers its customers a comprehensive range of services and equipment:
* An innovative range of Early Streamer Emission lightning conductors, lightning counters, surge arresters, and complementary accessories,
* Consulting and technical support for distributors/installing companies,
* Risk analysis and consulting for the end user (industries: petrochemical, chemical, telecommunications, the army, airports, buildings, historical monuments, civil engineering structures, etc.),
* Existing installations checking.

Delta Technology collaborates with specialised researchers and professors on specific Research and Development operations (lightning protection and electromagnetic compatibility). The Research and Development efforts made over several years allow Delta Technology to meet the needs expressed by its end users and engineers: a powerful Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor, the correct operation of which can be tested without removing the lightning conductor thanks to a wire information transfer mechanism.